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Looking for ways to improve that vILT that you are developing? Here are some good tips.


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Enhance Your ZOOM Video Conferencing Quality
Step up your live video teleconferencing game. If you are using programs like Zoom or Skype it is actually really easy to improve the video and audio quality...
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If you have not seen it ,then here is a great Tedx talk on what to contemplate about when designing and developing an e-learning.

Some people from this age, like Walt Disney and Joseph Campbell, truly understood this. E.g. George Lucas took this principle and the result of that is that current generations now can utter more words from mind on his science fiction stories, tell us more about how that science fiction universe and its tech works than that they are able to understand, restate and abide to the basic real life needed safety principles of a company... Shouldn't this tell us designers something?

Storytelling / Edutainment all the way!

Tell us if you agree or disagree with this talk and why.


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Why e-learning is killing education | Aaron Barth | TEDxKitchenerED
Education at scale doesn’t have to suck. If you ditch conventional e-learning's clicky gimmicks, and focus instead on science-backed design principles and po...
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Good post on factors to take into account when designing your (digital) learning experiences.


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Ok, let's learn some specific designer skills and software today, that you will be able to use in the L&D solution space as an instructional designer.

Today: A full Adobe Animate tutorial. Learn from scratch to animate with industry standard software. Yes it will cost some effort, but it will pay out in the long run.


So let's delve into the wonderous world of content creation with Adobe Animate. Are you up to it?

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So do you do mock-ups / prototyping when developing learning solutions?

A good tool for this would be Adobe XD.

Never used it? then I would suggest you watch this tutorial first to check if it would be something for you!

As always, cheers!


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Some more excellent tips on Design Principles for those who want to improve their eLearning Designs.

Hope you take away a pointer or two from this one.


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Are you currently looking for information on online learning solutions, effective distance learning or knowledge transfer solutions without loosing a fortune?

We offer guidance for FREE!

Are you getting lost in all these posts and solutions offered to you? Are you trying to implement solutions without wanting to invent everything from scratch, or you do not have a lot of time for all of this?

Are things not fully transparent or clear about the cost or effectiveness, or how to setup and manage these digital knowledge and communication solutions without loosing a fortune?

With professional business experience (in corperate industry, production industry, food industry, healthcare, pharmaceutical, governmental, education, small businesses or commercial individualists, etc.) we currently want to offer our support / guide to you in finding the right solution and or supplier so that you can continue your communication / knowledge transfer effectively from home.

Please contact us if you would like more information on your challenge:

Or post a question below this post so we can reach out to you.

Stay safe!

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As Instructional Designer, LXD, eLXD or GL&D specialist you are always looking for things that work. Here is a good tutorial (part I) on the most basic design principles any "designer for learning" should know. Hope you take away some tips that you can apply to your own work.

As always, Cheers!


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Job opportunity at DC region.

I quote:

"We are looking for a Senior ISD with a DHS clearance or clearance eligibility.

Location: DC Metro Area (Can be Remote but need to be based in the area)

Start date: ASAP

Send resumes to thenderson@c2ti.com "
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Since we could not find a clear definition of e-Learning Experience Design, we made one up :).

What do you think of this one, give us your honest opinion / feedback!

e-Learning Experience Design:
The art of using various psychology, pedagogy / andragogy, project management, communication, Media Design and IT principles & methodologies within the field of Learning & Development to design, develop, deliver, implement and maintain proper and efficient (multi) Stakeholder Centered Digital Learning Solutions.

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Right on the spot if you ask me :).

So start learning about these ideas and develop your core competences even more!

As always Cheers!
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An old but still very relevant youtube post by Connie Malamed on what to look for in Experience Design for E-learning (e.g. skills, trends, etc.).


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The best wishes for 2019 to you all!

Thank you for following us @ instructional design & e-learning development.

We hope that we can contribute to all your e-learning development ideas in 2019 and onwards.

For now we toast to all your health, cheers from Albert & Evelien.
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Awesome blog post on LinkedIn. For me this movie says it all!

We really need to get those pesky compliance learnings, or any other kind of digital learning for that matter, to a next level !!!

A start would be to smart up your designs by using correct UX and other design principles. Not that it will be the "key" that solves everything, but it will make at least the digital learning experience way better. Thus a start of improvements!



Nick Welch on LinkedIn: "Is E-learning dead? 90-seconds with Nick Shackleton-Jones and Roger Schank #elearning #sucks #education #classroom #learning. Thoughts?"
November 29, 2018: Nick Welch posted on LinkedIn
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2 years ago

Instructional Design & E-Learning Development

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