This is a tips & tricks blogsite on Visual Design, UID (user interfacing / usability design), UXD (user experience design) & LXD (learning experience Design) within the area of E-Learning / Digital Learning Design & Instructional Design.

It has been setup by a collective of experts in digital learning / training (e-Learning) and knowledge transfer by using IT.

Do you want to start with e-Learning, or are you looking for info on how to develop, implement or manage this all efficiently?

On our various Social Media blogs and through this site we share tips & tricks on:

  • Digital learning (didactics, pedagogy and andragogy),
  • User Experience Design,
  • Interaction Design,
  • Learning Experience Design
  • Instructional Design,
  • Correct project management for training development and implementation,
  • etc.



  • Learn how to be inspired and create awesome e-learning solutions.
  • Learn how to think and work differently with various development tools like articulate, captivate, camtasia, adobe CC or any other development tool you want to use.
  • Get to know how to choose, build or implement a Learning Management System / solutions correctly.
  • Learn the difference between open source and off the shelf solutions.
  • Get more learner experience and engagement from Moodle, Totara, Canvas, Ilias, Chamilo, Blackboard, Cornerstone, Sap Succesfactors, MyLearning, Sharepoint, or whatever your preferred system is.
  • Start with virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality learning solutions.


Our mission:
Get companies and people more efficiently and motivated onboard into the “new age of e-learning”. From mean lean to ultra interactive gamified e-learning. We have been there, done that and if it is up to us so will you! Our motto: Be inspired to create and learn!